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Our device will ensure your home safety by checking smoke, temperature, humidity, gas leak, fire and air quality. If there is something fishy going on you'll be notified within 1 minute through phone application and SMS.
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Device Features

Smart clock: Alarm, time and date synced through internet
Temperature and humidity information
Air quality, PM (Particulate Matter) monitor
Gas sensor (LP Gas)
Mixsor | Air
Sound Alarm
Mobile application
SMS notification
Web and API interface collecting and showing data.

How it works?

After sensing possible fire, smoke or gas leakage; Device sends data to Mixsor.com through WiFi, Then Mixsor website sends message to registered phone numbers and notifies mobile applications. Also data gets stored on Mixsor website for later use. All within just 1 minute.

  • Case: Recycled high quality plastic,
  • Mainboard: Powerfull ESP32 chipset, with Wifi and Bluetooth built in
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor: High sccuracy (±2%) AM2303 sensor, -40°F ~ 257°F, Radius up to 328ft
  • SMOG/Smoke sensor: High accuracy laser based PMS5003 sensor, Dust accuracy 0.3 ~ 10 micron.
  • Gas sensor: LPG(Liquefied petroleum gas) gas sensor MQ6
  • Screen: Easy to use touch screen interface
Mixsor Air
Mixsor Air
Mixsor Air
Mixsor Air
Mixsor Air
Mixsor Air
Mixsor Air


Seedstars | Top 10 Startup

Seedstars | Top 10 Startup

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